Heather's Reviews:

The Inventors by Peter Selgin at Colorado Review
Flash Fiction International at Colorado Review
Boneland, by Nance Van Winckel at Colorado Review
Clash of Images by Abdelfattah Kilito at Colorado Review
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"What Right to Write These People" A selection from  Interior Landscapes: Depicting the Nuances of Interracial Relationships in Fiction at  The Writing Platform August 2016

Essays, Short Stories, &  Poems: 

"A Healthy Silence" at Hunger Mountain
"Who Needs Financial Stability, Anyway?" Dirt & Seeds (retired) 2013 
“Stroke” Paddle Shots Anthology Vol. 1
“Gift Giving in America” Paddle Shots Anthology Vol. 2
“Precipice” Fish Trap Anthology, Summer 2008
“Origins” Anthology of Stones 2002