The ability to understand the story—what this solution can do for the customer—isn’t just a sales and marketing message. It’s the message that must underlie all technical communications. Whether the reader is a CEO, implementation engineer, or end user whose job relies on understanding how best to use it, all written communication must be constructed from the reader’s perspective.

With over 20 years in software development and medical equipment manufacturing organizations, I am a versatile, experienced writer/editor.

  • Web Copy
  • White Papers
  • Solution Briefs
  • Case Studies
  • UI Design Specifications
  • UX Copy
  • Information Architecture Development

Sample White Papers & Briefs

Secure High-Priority Facilities from Perimeter Threats

Modernize IT Portfolio Management with an Agile PMO – Copy

IoT Smart Stadiums – Copy

Increase Product Yield and Quality with Machine Learning

Customer Centric Experience B2B Digital Transformation

Sample Web Copy

Agile vs DevOps

DORA Metrics

SRE vs DevOps

Contact me for freelance/contract writing and editing at:

Heather Sharfeddin  503.702.3319