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A Pacific Northwest Author — Home is west of the continental divide, north of the 45th parallel, south of the Canadian border. The Sevin Devils, Imnaha, The Zumwalt, Hells Canyon, River of No Return, The Cascades, The Pacific, Lake Missoula, Columbia Gorge, Going To The Sun, Flathead, Wallowa, Joseph Canyon, The Rattlesnake, Pittsburg Landing, Lochsa, Lookout, Mission Falls. A daughter of the west.

Heather Sharfeddin holds an M.F.A. in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Art. She is currently a post-graduate research student in writing at Bath Spa University in Bath, England and Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

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A Healthy Silence at Hunger Mountain

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In DAMAGED GOODS, Sharfeddin introduces us to Hershel Swift, a successful auctioneer living amidst the forests and hazelnut farms of small-town Oregon. A car accident leaves him a broken man—confused, angry, and unable to do the one thing he’s always been expert at—looking at anything and instantly determining its value. His past is suddenly blank to him, and the only evidence he has of the man he once was is in the accusing eyes of the people he’s hurt. This is when Silvie comes into his life, fleeing from a man who made her ashamed of her own past and desperate to escape it. She seeks Hershel out as shelter in a storm, and Hershel finds in Silvie a shot at redemption. He can’t remember who he was, but she can help guide him to what he can become.

Words from nice people

“Comparisons will be made to Kent Haruf… Sharfeddin’s… eye for detail… and her unsentimental compassion for her characters… will entrance readers. The stark terrain is beautifully rendered.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Superbly crafted… Characters are wonderfully drawn… Explores a wide range of themes related to sin and guilt, personal integrity, and the destructive power of prejudice. Highly recommended.” – Library Journal (starred review)

“Sharfeddin has captured the family-like entanglements in a small community—by showing us what happens when those relationships begin to come apart.” – Philadelphia Inquirer

“A good old-fashioned cowboy tale that’s as gritty as they come… A nice piece of emotional storytelling.” – Chicago Tribune

Windless Summer is honored at the 2010 New York Book Festival.

Sweetwater Burning (hardcover: Blackbelly) is honored at the 2010 San Francisco Book Festival.